The power of words – The tongue kills more than the sword.

goldThe tongue kills more than the sword.

The importance of words.


Words are powerful; they can be a balm for the soul, and a joy for the ears and the heart. But they can equally be a weapon. They can destroy the happiness, the enthusiasm and the dreams of someone else.

So be careful while speaking, don’t be rude or nasty, because once spoken and once listened, your words could only be forgiven, not forgotten.

I just want you to read a short story, that you probably saw ten thousand times before. But I ask you to stop and meditate on the meaning.


«Grab a plate and throw it on the ground».


«Did it break?»


«Now say to it that you’re sorry».


«Did it go back to the way it was before?»


«Do you understand now?»


As the saying goes, “The togue kills more than the sword”. It’s true. Envy often leads to slander, that can ruin the life of another person. Anger leads you to speak blinded by fury. And when you are blind, you are not able to see and to understand the consequences of what you are doing. You can lose the respect, the confidence, and even the love of someone else. And all these feelings are very hard to rebuild. Almost a mission impossible.

So never speak when you are angry. Try to be kind, otherwise it’s better to shut up.

Remember: once you spoke, you can be forgiven, not forgotten, as I wrote before.