meditation2Every week a dragon tip! V.II #7

Chapter 11: The path of Consciousness

Chapter 11: Anna and Vivian are quarrelling furiously inside the bubble, where Amjad closed them both. The fight becomes fierce, and Anna slaps Vivian’s face. Amjad decides to put an end to the quarrel. With the touch of its paw, it separates the two disputants, creating two different bubbles. Then the golden dragons begins to sing. The melody is so sweet, mystical and perfect that Anna and Vivian stop talking, almost engrossed in the music. Even Matt is listening silently with tears of joy in his eyes.


“The dragon began to emanate a hypnotic sound. Even Matt felt calm and peaceful. Suddenly, among the notes, which flowed sweetly in the air, he believed he could hear words becoming clearer and clearer.


Smile and live in the Harmony of the World.

The Light is everywhere around you, if you are able to see.

What you desire with a pure heart, it’s already yours,

It’s enough to want it every moment,

And the Reality will synchronize.

Learn to read the events with your intuition,

Nothing happens by chance.

This is the simple and unique path,

Which aligns you to Harmony.


He didn’t know how those words had appeared in his mind, but he felt they were true. He felt he belonged to the Universe, rather, for a very short moment he was the Universe. The Ego had disappeared.”

Quot. Chapter 11


I lovethis chapter. It’s about the path of consciousness, it’s about meditation, that I practice everyday, explained in a simple, almost magical way. Negative feelings, anger, frustration are bad for our mind, and are bad for the whole world. Also my six years old nephew began to meditate with me, and he loves it! (Only for 5 minutes a day).


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