Writing a foreword

forewordWriting a Foreword

This morning I was checking my inbox, when I saw an e-mail sent by an author I edited some time ago. I opened it, and… SURPRISE!!

He asked me if I wish to write the foreword of his new essay about the Ark of the Covenant. Well, not an easy topic, but I was positively struck and flattered that he thought about me.

I’m already published, but I’m not well known. (I would like to be, and I’m working to reach that goal). Probably he found out I’m very interested in what we call in Italy “fanta-archeologia”, a word translatable as “fantasy- archaeology”, that is to say the unproved theories about historical mysteries such as Pyramids, the Ark of the Covenant, Noah’s ark, Mayan and Inca architecture and so on.

I love these topics so much that I used them in my children’s novels, as you know if you read my blog.

I’m thrilled and happy, and, above all, there are no bog-standard rules for  forewords. I’ll be inventive.

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