The Western Publishing Empire

mondadori+rizzoliThe Western Publishing Empire

The day before yesterday, it came out that Mondadori reached an Agreement to buy the whole book publishing branch of Rizzoli. The two bigger Italian publishing houses will be one, owing more than 40% of the whole market in my country. The Western Publishing Empire, just to paraphrase the name of the Western Roman Empire of the third century A.D.

I read many comments on the web, on social media, and on online newspapers. They seem thrilled and fully satisfied of this fusion, or purchase, or whatever you want to call it. Mondadori will be the biggest and powerful publishing group in Europe. IN EUROPE. If the Antitrust Authority approve the business, and it will do it indeed, what will be the possible consequences on Italian writers?

Well, right now in most cases Mondadori publishes foreign authors in translation, Rizzoli do the same, but to a lesser extent.

I’m afraid that Italian writers will have less and less room not only in the foreign market, where is very difficult for us to earn the possibility of being read, but also in the domestic market. A big, giant disaster.

Then, among all those happy people, I am not so happy. I’m worried.