chichenItza_equinox2 Every week a dragon tip! V.II #6

Chapter 9: Spring Equinox

Chapter 10: A fateful meeting

Chapter 9: Only few hours divide Vivian from the Spring Equinox. The strange meeting with Anna and Matthew is getting closer, and she is full of doubts and fears. She waits until his grandfather goes to bed, and Tristan goes out for the night. Then, on her tiptoes, she reaches the garden, waiting for the twins.

“Vivian was scared, and her hearth beat fast in her chest. She felt soft shivers running down her spine. It didn’t rain. In the sky, pushed by the wind, thin black clouds covered from time to time the cold, white moon. She found a shelter under a tree, and its dark and bare branches moaned softly, shook by the gusts. Vivian heard the slow toll of the pendulum clock inside her house. It was midnight. The Spring Equinox had come.”

Quot. Chapter 9


Chapter 10: The twins arrive in London riding the golden dragon, Amjad Sahih. When Viviaan sees them and the gigantic dragon for the first time, she reacts badly. She starts screaming, scared to death. Anna tries to calm her down, but their old animosity wins. They start quarreling, and neither Matt nor Amjad are able to stop them.

“Its yellow pupil became glassy, when it closed its eyelids, and emitted a powerful red tongue of fire, which surrounded the two bickerers. The fire vanished, and, with surprise mixed with relief,  Matt saw that the two girls went on flinging abuse at each other inside a big, translucent bubble. It was very similar to the soap bubbles which amused him when he was only a toddler.

Outside, the silence. It seemed they were looking at a silent movie.

«It will be a hard task», said a laconic Matthew talking to the dragon.

«You are right. Harder than expected», said the dragon shaking its head.”

Quot. Chapter 10


Other interlocutory chapters. I needed to point out the problems between Anna and Vivian, because they are the core of the following searches. I also wanted to develop and make more vivid the characters nature. They are teenagers, and they have an adolescent mood.

So today, I insert some links about aerial views of London, and about the Spring Equinox, above all because the Equinoxes are the two days in the year, when you can see the descent of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza.


The Equinox and the feathered Snake in Chichen Itza:




London bird’s eye view: