The editor’s life

typosThe editor’s life

In these days, I was working on two books: a translation of a novel from English to Italian, and a usual editing and proof-reading of a manuscript for an Italian publishing house. Well, it’s my everyday job, so which is the problem?

This afternoon I received an e-mail from the publisher, telling me he found TWO typos in the text. (Two, not two hundred!!). Of course, I apologized, and I began to read the manuscript all over again. That’s why the publishing house applies the “two editors” system, that is to say an editor, who never worked on the book, will read it before the author’s says the fateful sentence “Ready for print”.

The hard and bare truth is that no matter how many times you read a manuscript, sooner or later your brain will work automatically because you know every single word by heart. And typos are able to survive even to the sharper eye of the most careful editor in the world.

That’s why I hate typos, especially today!