mayan-temple-crystal-skull-hill-20529129Every week a dragon tip! V.II #5

Chapter 7: London Interlude

Chapter 8: Seek and ye shall find


Chapter 7: Vivian is upset and angry. She is asking herself why Matt wrote to suggest her to look for news about dragons and Yucatan in the old documents of her great grandfather Arthur. But the curiosity gains the upper hand, and she begins the search.

“She wondered why Matt asked her to look for news about Yucatan in her great grandfather’s journals. Arthur McKenzie neither went to Mexico nor studied the pre-Columbian civilizations. At least this was what she knew about him. Gwen Stuart, her mother, was an archaeologist specialised in that field, and her father Alistair McKenzie died many years before in a helicopter crash in the jungle in Belize.

During the dinner she questioned with tact grandfather Charles, to understand where she could find Arthur’s original documents”

Quot. Chapter 7


Chapter 8: Vivian comes back home from school, and decides to get in the attic to look for Arthur’s old and dusty papers. She finds two wood trunks full of pictures, documents, and some letters written by her father Alistair.

“Ek Balam 04/04/’97

Dear Gwen,

I just want to tell you that grandfather Arthur was not the phantasmal visionary as everybody deemed him to be. I followed his theories, those I found in his red Morocco leather journal. And they were right! I assure you! I found an amazing black obsidian skull, a find carved with incomparable skill.

Only a point in Arthur’s theory is not yet clear. The original skulls should be thirteen, but you can see many more skulls circulating nowadays, so I don’t know if there is a way to verify their authenticity”

Quot. Chapter 8

In these chapters, I insert a topic that will be very important in the sequel of “The feathered snake”: the crystal skulls. There are many ideas, theories and stories about these objects. And often they are quite absurd, illogical and strange. I did many searches, and I read much about them. If you are as curious as me, you can get an idea about them here:




The legend of the thirteen crystal skulls: