Every week a dragon tip! V.II #3

The Gate of the Sun

The Gate of the Sun

Every week a dragon tip! V.II #3

Chapter 4: Alternative explanations

Chapter 4: After flying over the Paracas Candelabra, Amjad Sahih, the golden dragon, heads towards Tiahuanaco. He wants to show the kids the famous and mysterious Gate of the Sun. The dragon explains that the site was the meeting place for the humans who inhabited the planet more than twelve thousand years ago. The door was a portal, a sort of Stargate.

“«In ancient times the whole area was popular. Velkan, Dziban and me met frequently with other dragons and Wisemen, who came here by air or by sea from all over the Earth».

«Here is the reason of the existence of the landing strips! Nazca was an international airport!», said Matthew in raptures.

«Well, maybe we must say a dragon-port», clarified Anna.”

Quot. Chapter 4

 The twins visit the famous Gate of the Sun in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. This artefact is still full of mystery. Archaeologists have different but not conclusive theories about the Gate of the Sun. Nobody knows how it was built, and how such an ancient population was able to smooth the surface of the stone or to carry and lift a heavy megalith like this one.


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