Every week a dragon tip! V.II #2

map_nazcaEvery week a dragon tip! V.II #2

Chapter 2: Teenagers

Chapter 3: The Nazca Lines

WARNING: I will translate the quotes from Italian: no editing, no professional proofreading. Then be kind!

Chapter 2: Anna and Matt are now fourteen years old, and they realise they are teenagers above all because of their fluctuating mood. They quarrel much more and their bond is turning weaker. It’s February, it’s cold, and it’s snowing hard, when they open the window waiting for Amjad to fly across the world.

“As in a freeze-frame, few minutes later the snowflakes stopped mid-air, and the bell tower became silent. Suddenly Amjad Sahih appeared in a golden cloud. «Kids, are you ready?», asked with his melodious voice.”

Quot. Chapter 2

 Chapter 3: The twins reach Nazca, and they can admire from above the wonderful, amazing signs engraved on the desert surface. They talk about the theories on those images, then the golden dragon flies over the Pacific Ocean near Cuzco to show them the Paracas Candelabra, also called the Candelabra of the Andes.

“«Here there is the Paracas Candelabra. It’s visible only at this distance from the coast and among the sea», said Amjad solemnly.

«How tall is it?» asked Matt taking pictures in excitement.

«Around two hundred and fifty meters» answered the dragon”

Quot. Chapter 3

 In these chapters, the twins visit the Nazca desert in Peru. They admire not only the countless straight lines, but also the spider, the monkey, the condor and the amazing hummingbird. Then the dragon goes toward the ocean to show them another unbelievable engraving: the so called Paracas Candelabra, a trident carved on a mountain facing the sea.


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