A brand new manuscript: a romantic novel


My new manuscript: a romantic novel.

What an amazing thing! At least for me. I just wrote a romantic novel, or better, a romantic manuscript, because it’s unpublished this far.

Why is it amazing?

First, I’m the most unromantic woman in the world. I never believed in nonsense like Prince Charming or “happily ever after”.

Second, I never read Chick Lit or Romance, because of point one.

Third, usually, I need six/eight months to write and edit a new manuscript, and this is what happened for the last three books I published. But I completed this novel in…, and I don’t believe in what I’m typing, FOUR WEEKS.

I sent it to an editor, just for having a feedback, and she told me it’s a good story, with a surprising mix of love, sorrow and hope. And well written too. A good, pleasant and amazing news!

Now I have a brand new manuscript waiting for a publisher. I’m looking for a BIG publishing house in Italy or abroad (even if the book is in Italian).

Really, I don’t know if it will see the light sooner or later. Maybe, I’ll post a new article on this blog, if I find the right publisher for this story.