Overwhelmed by work!

Overwhelmed by work

SCARTOFFIEReally, I love planning my three different jobs. Well, it’s also a survival need, for not finding me buried under tons of different tasks. But what if the Italian publishing house asks me a urgent editing because my co-workers are on holiday? And the British publishing house needs a compelling proofreading because the copy editor goes on sick leave? And the Brazilian firm begs me to translate 78 blog articles in a hurry because of the launch of their brand new website?

As a result, my scheduled plans go down the pan. And I have no time to write articles for my blog or to finish my novel.

Now, after two months of absence, I’m back. I apologize to all my faithful readers (maybe not so faithful right now), and to those who visited my website looking for news about my children’s novels.

For telling you the truth, I could carve out some time during the night or breaks, but I was so tired that my brain refused to have ideas, and my fingers refused to tape on the keyboard.

I didn’t speak about the last chapter of “The dragon seal”, and I want to make it up by the end of the week.

Thanks for being so patient. I’ll make amends…

See you soon on these pages or on Twitter.