Every week a dragon tip! #17

Villa dei Vescovi, Torreglia, 2Every week a dragon tip! #17

Chapter 21: Epilogue

Anna and Matthew show to the archaeological team the carved slab of stone in the inner chamber of the Amarna temple. Then they return in Italy, where in a cold windy night they meet Amjad Sahih again. The dragon says he has a new amazing adventure in store for them.

But this is a new book! The second novel of the series!

“The group moved toward him, and everybody looked at the sight with unutterable surprise; before their eyes, a spring of water gushed out among the sand, and all around they saw green buds sprouting in the same place where the night before, a tear of Amjad dropped on the ground.

«Odd, really odd, a water spring appearing in such a high place!» said Gordon.

«Didn’t you notice it yesterday?» he asked to the children.

«No. I don’t believe it was here yesterday» answered Matt.”


“The Dragon puffed softly, and it vanished as if by magic in a golden dust. Its voice reached the twins from huge, unreachable distances.

«Nothing happens by chance.»”

The last chapter of my first novel: an open ending, but with a great last sentence: “Nothing happens by chance”.

I would like to show you some villas that inspired me the twins’ house.

A holiday on the Euganean Hills, near Padua and Venice. Thermal waters, great food, and wines and oils. And full of history!