Every week a dragon tip! #16

Sunset with power stations and pollution haze
Every week a dragon tip! #16

Chapter 20: Bitter tears

Anna and Matthew fly with the dragon up in the sky. They are able to see the Blue Planet from space, but they also see the damages men are causing to earth: pollution, destruction, poisoning.

“They returned to earth, and visited it all. The twins’ heart sank for the things they saw, even if they were conscious of the world around them. Amjad fell silent.

 «Will the world be safe if we stop Velkan?», asked Anna downhearted.

«As I said before, it is more your guilt than its own. Velkan only pushes you faster in the direction you want to go, and nobody has been confronting it for thousands of years», answered the dragon.

«Destroying is easy, reconstructing is a longer and more difficult path.»”

 This chapter, maybe, is the less playful of the whole book. I wanted to point out what we are doing to the planet in which we live, and which gives us food, and oxygen, and everything we need. If we kill the planet, we will kill ourselves. But we’re deaf and blind and arrogant. This chapter is a warning for children, our future.

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