Every week a dragon tip! #15

RedDragonEvery week a dragon tip! #15

Chapter 18: Amjad Sahih

Chapter 19: A sad story

I beg your pardon for the delay, but it’s bank holyday, and I had a nice journey by the sea.

I decided to combine two chapters in this dragon tip, because both are about the golden dragon, Amjad Sahih, Amjad the wise.

Anna and Matthew succeed in waking up the dragon, after moments of pure dread. They begin to talk with him, they have many questions to ask, and curiosity to satisfy.

“After a period of time that seemed endless, the storm died down. The rift closed again, but the cliffs had opened like a curtain, and emanated a warm gold light that wrapped the surroundings in a dome.

Finally, they saw it.

The most gigantic dragon they could ever imagine.” – From chapter 18.


In chapter 19, the dragon discloses the existence of a black dragon, his older brother, who is eager to lead mankind toward wars and destruction. He is pushed by vengeance. The twins will try the unbelievable sensation of flying on the wings of a dragon.

 “«Velkan is not the evil, because of grief and anger it only leads you where you are more naturally eager to go, towards destruction, and, since nobody confronts it, I think it will succeed easily. It has been able to work freely for almost ten thousand years» concluded Amjad sadly.

«How do you think we can stop it?» asked Matt foreseeing big troubles.

«In the same way it tried to block us, but, first, I must find Dsiban» answered Amjad.

«Have you any idea where it is?» asked Anna feeling a new-born desire of adventure.

«Now it’s time to make an inspection so as to see with my own eyes, the situation of earth» it concluded.


Amjad stood up, and opened the huge golden wings, ready to fly «What are you doing just standing there? Jump on!»

The twins could scarcely believe their ears; they would fly around the world on a dragon!” – From chapter 19.

 The last chapters of this novel are a warning for kids and grown-up people about the danger of pollution, deforestation and climate changes. But I will explain them in the next articles on my blog.

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