Preview of my new novel: “The magic city- La città magica”

Hua Shan Temple

Hua Shan Temple

“The magic city- La città magica”: Preview

“«If you really want something, you’ll find a way, if not, you’ll find an excuse», Anna answered to her brother, while she was trying to place the furniture of her new room following Feng-Shui rules.”

This quote is more than a preview. My brand new novel, “The magic city- La città magica”, is not yet published in Italy. It’s still a manuscript. Will this sentence survive to editing and proofreading? I think so.

In this novel Anna has to face a hard challenge; she must face herself, her insecurity and her fears to become stronger, and finally being able to accomplish her task.

I needed an evocative location. So what a better place than Hua Shan, with its fairy tale names like Black Dragon ridge or Green Dragon lake?

It’s a risk. I generally describe places I saw (with some exceptions). But Hua mountains are in the top ten chart of the places I wish to visit at least once in my life. So I watched documentaries, YouTube clips, and I studied a little. And soon you will be able to read the results of these mental efforts.

In late Autumn, I guess.

Mount Hua is also known as “the most dangerous hike of the world”. It’s located near the city of Huayin in Shaanxi province, near Xi’an. It’s an incredible steep path with stairs, bridges and a thrilling plank walk on the side of the mountains.

There is also a cable car, very useful if you suffer from dizziness like I do.

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