Every week a dragon tip! #14

whiteEvery week a dragon tip! #14

Chapter 17: The awakening

Anna and Matt understand how to use the Seal to awake the dragon. With a mix of fear and bravery, during the night they reach the inner chamber of the Temple of the Sun in Amarna.

“They ventured to the rocks that shone with gold glares under the oblique sunbeams. They had hidden two large paintbrushes in the pockets of the tunics.

They crouched at the feet of the first hill, and began sweeping the sand vigorously raising a reddish and thin dust that soon wrapped them up and covered them from head to foot. Ignoring the sand storm, they moved backwards slowly, step by step, without losing sight of the land in front of them. Suddenly Matt started, and seized Anna’s sleeve, shaking her insistently.

«Look at it!» he exclaimed in excitement.

Anna turned to him. Among the pebbles and the sand, she glimpsed a clear horizontal line that marked the outline of a stone slab, surely a man work.


On the bottom of the circular hole, engraved in the stone so perfect that it seemed carved by a machine and not by hand, was the sun with eight rays of the Medallion.


They made the agreement, that night they would try to awaken a creature that, until then, existed only in fairy tales.


As soon as the letters touched, a long, low, terrifying sigh arose from the bowels of the earth. It expanded like a gigantic, terrible sound wave that shook sky and earth with unbelievable power.

The sparkling of the stars paralysed.

The silence became absolute.”

 This is a pure fantasy chapter. The twins try to awake the dragon they have searched for such a long time.  This week you won’t find any travel suggestion or archaeological link to read. Disappointed? I hope not. Remember, “The dragon Seal” is a children’s novel. And a touch of magic is essential for the story. I love dragons, so I reported in these pages the more childish part of me. I think it’s very positive.

I don’t tell you too much about this chapter and the following. They are the core of the novel, and I don’t want to spoil you the surprise. Well, if I will ever find a literary agent for English speaking countries! 🙂

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