Every week a dragon tip! #13

3D virtual image-Amarna

3D virtual image-Amarna

Every week a dragon tip! #13

Chapter 16: Breathing space

Anna and Matt are all alone in the camp. The team of archaeologists has to meet the Chief of Resource Management, to transfer the catalogued finds to the Research Centre of Cairo. They go to the tent used as study to check the map of the Temple of the Sun. On the basis of their findings and their deductions, Anna and Matt agree that the rocky spur near the sacred chamber is the best place to hide a dragon. After months of searches, problems, troubles and fun, they have solved the riddle.

“«Then the Temple is here because of the dragon, and not the contrary» ended Anna, agreeing with this version of the story.

«I’ll try to draw a schematic of the opening between the rocks and the rising sun», said Matt, grabbing a pencil and a sheet of paper. He drew two vertical lines and a circle in the centre. The symbol of Stonehenge appeared under their eyes, but without the lintel.

«The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of the journey», smiled Anna in rapture.

«The circle is closed, we’ve solved the mystery», Matt replied incredulously.”

 Amarna, the sacred city built by Akhenaten, the heretic Pharaoh. Destroyed after the death of the King, the ruins were used for filling the walls of other temples. I didn’t visit Amarna, it’s quite out the usual itineraries for tourists. So, before writing these chapters, I studied, I watched documentaries, I read. I wanted to write about Amarna, because it fascinates me. I hope you’ll be fascinated too.

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