Every week a dragon tip! #11

camelsEvery week a dragon tip! #11


Chapter 14: Amarna

The twins and the team of archaeologists leave Luxor headed in Amarna. It’s early in the morning, and they have to face a fourteen hours trip in the desert. The journey is long, slow and wearing, but finally they reach the camp assembled by an oasis near the Amarna archaeological site.

“The team of archaeologists was loading the equipment and the luggage onto the off-road vehicles, that would drive them north to an oasis not far from Amarna.

Besides the cars, an old rusty truck full of plastic tanks travelled with them. When they saw it, the twins wondered if the engine would stay assembled until the arrival, or, if on the contrary, it would sow mechanical components in order to mark the path like the crumbs of the well-known fairy tale. The convoy was completed; they were only waiting for the military escort to take them to the excavations.

Three hours later, surrounded by the same desolate landscape, the twins showed a point far away.

«Look!  A real caravan of camels! I I’ve never seen one in real life! When we come nearer, I’m going to take pictures» Matt had his digital camera around his neck.

«What a sight! A bunch of camels that actually are dromedaries, little beasts with a bad temper wandering among the sand» Gordon’s mood had worsened. Elena and Gordon each had a turn at driving, but they were very tired.

«As far as I see, it’s not just dromedaries that have a very bad temper» complained an exasperated Anna.”

 This chapter is both a fictional description of a travel I took by bus in the desert some years ago, and a tribute to a place that attracts me: the Eastern Sahara. It’s an extreme region, with coarse mountains, sand and pebbles, but its charm is unique. It’s huge, and hot, and windy, but it gives you also a sensation of infinite and peace.

I’m not able to find the right words to describe a starry night in the desert. The sky is scattered by millions of stars, invisible in our floodlight countries. And the Milky Way stands clear upon your head. Just amazing!

Desert Road trip in Egypt:


A night in the Egyptian desert: