Every week a dragon tip! #9

sun-boat-niloChapter 12: Nile cruise

 The twins leave Cairo to reach Luxor by boat. An amazing, unforgettable cruise, a holiday in the holiday, their mother’s gift.

 “The newly-built ship, painted in white and blue, slowly pulled away from the pier. Soon the noises of the metropolis dulled, absorbed by the swishing water on the keel, while the boat moved to the centre of the river to begin the journey.”

“The Nile, green and calm, flowed beneath their feet. They thought about how they were sailing one of the rivers with the richest history in the world, on the same course that saw the Pharaohs’ ships thousands years before.”

“Before going to the cabin, they had a walk along the upper deck. The stars embroidered the sky, and they could clearly see the Milky Way. Only a few lights appeared both on the roads near the embankments, and in the houses along the river.

The silence of the night was broken only by crickets and by the swishing of the water.”

 Today I’ll not write much, I prefer to leave the emotions flowing from the words on my pages.

It’s hard to put in words the strong feelings and emotions of cruising one of the most famous rivers in the world, so full of history, mysteries and magic. The Nile whispers in your ears, telling its story, lulling you while you are admiring the incredible starry sky.

A Nile cruise: an experience to do at least once in life.


Abu Simbel: