Every week a dragon tip! #8

brandsbuttChapter 11: Fantastic theories

 After the visit to the Museum in Cairo, Anna and Matt look forward to decipher the Seal with the help of Arthur McKenzie’s book and the hints about hieroglyphs their mother gave them in front of some beautiful papyri.

Deciphering is a hard task, and the twins have to deal with doubts and questions. But they are stubborn too, and succeed in translating the cartouches on the surface of the seal.

The meaning is clear.

 «The last verse reads, “Say my name aloud”. Besides the hiding-place, we’re missing this element», concluded a disappointed Matt.

It was four in the morning. A moon ray gently went through the curtains. It lit up the dragon statue leaning on a table.

«If you exist, we will find you!» said Matt, watching the sculpture.

Finally, the twins fell asleep.

 Many years ago, when I visited the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy (the 2nd most important in the world), I was struck by papyri. I admired paintings, and colours, and the luck I had to see them four thousand years after they were written. But the meaning remained mysterious for me. Same thing for the runes I admired during an English holiday.

 These are links tied to deciphering, if you are curious, you can read something about hieroglyphs and runes.