The death of Italian literary heritage

rsf-675Mondadori announced its purpose of buying RCS Media group, one of the biggest media group in Italy. This is an awful news, because it means that we will have a sort of monopoly both in newspapers, books and bookshops chains. Little bookshops will disappear, and it will be more and more difficult for small publishing houses to sell books and to promote new writers. If you were not ‘son of” or ‘friend of”, you won’t have any possibility in publishing or promoting your work.

If this purchase have a positive ending, we will lose other positions in the rank of freedom of the press. And we aren’t in a good position yet. We are 73rd, after Moldova and before Nicaragua.

This is the link of the article (in Italian):

“Today 90% of the literary market is controlled by big groups. The new ‘giant’, which could possibly arise” says Mr. Nannini, CEO of CNA Communication agency, ”would further increase the concentration process and the monopoly. It would mine the principle of free competition and the cultural heritage represented by Italian small publishing houses”.

Small publishing houses put in the market about thirty thousand new literary works per year. Often authors are unknown, they are not able to find a place in important catalogues, and this is the only way to reach and enrich the publishing market. It’s also true that some well-known writers took their first steps in the literary market thanks to small publishing houses.

 In these years, we lost industries, jobs, and hopes. Now we are losing also our cultural heritage.