Every week a dragon tip! #6

Il Santo (Saint Anthony Cathedral), Padua

Il Santo (Saint Anthony Cathedral), Padua

A new excerpt taken from my children’s novel “Il Sigillo del drago-The dragon seal”, and the places that inspired me.

 Today Chapter 9: Cairo

 After the difficult summer passed at the boarding school, Anna’s health is not good. Elena decides to bring the twins with her in Egypt during Christmas holidays. They take their plane in Marco Polo Airport, near Venice.

“It was a quiet flight marked by the usual distractions: eating, watching documentaries or movies, eating, reading magazines and eating again. The twins rejoiced at the thought the trip lasted only few hours, the inveterate habit of nourishing people to keep them occupied caused the twins to think that during a flight to Australia, people risked obesity.”

 The first part of this chapter takes place in the Euganean Hills, where the twins live. Don’t worry, I wrote many chapters about Egypt and its amazing monuments. I’ll talk about them in my next tips. In this weekly tip, I want to speak about Colli Euganei, where I live too, and all the wonderful things you can visit coming here. Abano Terme and Montegrotto Terme are two fashionable thermal towns. The water sprinkles from earth at a temperature of 84° Celsius. You can enjoy healthy mud baths, or swimming in fantastic pools full of hot, curative water. All around you can see and visit the hills, dotted with vineyards, castles, villas, woods, churches and ancient history. Food is great, and wines too! If you are spending your holiday here, don’t miss Praglia Abbey, founded in 1.080 A.D., where you can buy wines, honey, herbal tea, creams made by the Benedictine monks. Few kilometres away, there is Padua, a medieval city with the famous Scrovegni Chapel, painted by Giotto, or the Cathedral of Sant’Antonio. Well, Padua and Colli Euganei are only few miles off Venice!

 Below, there are some links for planning an unforgettable holiday: