Every week a dragon tip! #5

Gargoyles on Milan Cathedral

Gargoyles on Milan Cathedral

A new excerpt from my children’s novel “Il Sigillo del drago-The dragon seal”, and the place that inspired me these pages.

 Today Chapter 8: Consequences

 After their flight from the B&B to explore Merlin’s Cave and their hazardous rescue, the twins have to face the consequences of their choice. Their parents and grandparents went by a night full of pain and despair, and now they are angry and disappointed. Elena decides to end up the holiday, and bring her kids in a boarding school in Milan for the rest of the summer.

 “Guarded by Elena, they went down to the lobby, and put their bags next to those of their family. They entered the living room; in front of them, sitting on a sofa, they saw the grandparents with frowning faces, and their father, who did not look at them directly. Elena sat among them.

«The Court of Inquisition » whispered Anna, her head down, standing in the middle of the room.

«We are exceedingly angry, embittered and especially disappointed with you two» Elena said. Her cold and sharp voice slapped them. «You have been reckless, arrogant, conceited, and above all irresponsible. Until yesterday we overestimated you wrongly, that’s our mistake, but we will not make it again.»

Matt sniffed, the words struck hard.

 Milan. What can I say about Milan? It’s a well known city, a fashion capital, the Italian financial centre, and it’s full of monuments and art and fine restaurants. This year Milan will host Expo 2015. Below you’ll find some useful links, if you want to visit the exhibition and the town.