Every week a dragon tip! #4

N090578“Il Sigillo del drago-The dragon seal”, today Chapter 7: Gloom and light

After their unexpected shower in the icy waters in St. Nectan’s Glen, the twins are sick. Their parent decide they must stay in the B&B, instead of go and see King Arthur’s castle in Tintagel. Anna and Matthew run away from their room heading for Merlin’s Cave. They have found all the clues shown in Professor McKenzie’s Journal, and, on the basis of the symbol found in Rocky Valley waterfall, they have to look for the new carving grounding only on their own considerations. They’ll risk their life in the attempt.

“To reach the beach in front of the cave, they climbed down a steep staircase, which ran along the side of the cliff. They walked on the white sand, strewn with pebbles, shells and long branches of brown seaweeds ripped from the seabed by raging currents. They finally arrived at the entrance to the Merlin’s Cave, a large, dark cavern littered with smooth and shiny rocks. The cave seemed to run endlessly into the bowels of the earth.

Anna listened to the sound of backwash hitting the beach and to the howling wind blowing among the rocks.

«Are you sure you want to go on?» she asked hesitantly. She looked worried.”

 Merlin’s Cave: an amazing and dreadful cavern onshore the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a rough but wonderful place, filled with magic and a feel of immensity. But pay attention to tides!

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