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stnectansglen“Il Sigillo del drago-The dragon seal”, today an excerpt from Chapter 6: Camelot county

The twins arrive in Tintagel, a wonderful medieval jewel, and the next day they visit St.Nectan’s Glen. They look for the last symbol of the seal, following the instructions of Professor McKenzie’s journal.

 St.Nectan’s Glen is a natural reserve, a sort of small green paradise, where one can admire the Rocky Valley labyrinths and the amazing waterfall flowing through a circular hole in the rocks. An incomparable sight.

“Andy did not give them the opportunity to open their mouth.

«I propose a gradual approach» he said.

«What do you mean?» grandmother Elizabeth interrupted him.

«Are you going to lock us in the village on the first day, allowing us to see the ruins from a distance and so on?» she said.

Not catching the irony, too busy with his programs, Andrew went on «No! Actually I have something different in mind than this medieval torture, but I could re-evaluate the idea». He was suddenly interrupted.

«Stop! Come to the point or the restaurant will close the kitchen before we can eat something» said Elena hoping her husband got down to essentials.

«What was I saying?» Andy tried to find his train of thought.

«Elizabeth, I know he is your son, but if he doesn’t stop, I will throw him down the cliff» Elena said to her mother in-law.

«I will be glad to help you» was the laconic reply of the latter.

After the burst of laughter following grandmother Elizabeth’s words, poor Andrew was able to go on.

«St. Nectan’s Glen» he concluded, almost offended.

«I just wanted to propose to you that first we go to this stunning natural reserve, and then deal with the castle and its history.»”

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