A new dragon tip!

Merry MaidensEvery week I will post an excerpt taken from my children’s novel “Il Sigillo del drago-The dragon seal”, and the monument that inspired me those pages.

 Today chapter 5 – The Merry Maidens.

 “The fog was thick and dense enough to hide the view of the house across the street.

«Perfect day to go sightseeing» ironically rejoiced grandfather Will, when they sat together at the breakfast table.

«You always complain of something, but you’ll see that the wind will rise soon, and we are going to have a nice day» grandmother Elizabeth replied philosophically.

They went out. The fog turned to thin rain.

«Time for mushrooms» grandfather judged.

«Before evening I will turn into a porcino. Kids, please, don’t eat me with risotto» he said talking to the grandchildren.

They headed to a place called Merry Maidens, a major attraction, consisting of a circle of nineteen steles set amid a bucolic landscape of fields, hills and trees. Certainly, they would have enjoyed the trip more if they could have seen more than two feet from their shoes. The thick milky fog surrounding them softened the noise, and gave them the impression they had entered a fairy world.”

Anna and Matthew are in Penzance, and they go sightseeing the amazing surroundings. It’s summer, but the day they visit the Merry Maidens stone circle, it’s cold and foggy. The weather makes more difficult but more funny their search of the second symbol of the seal. When I visited Cornwall, it was August. I left Italy and its hot 34° Celsius to find a windy 19° C weather. Quite a shock! I wore my hoodie and a rain jacket, while English tourists sunbathed and swam merrily. I froze just looking at them, but I was a bit envying at the same time. I liked much Cornwall. It’s the most romantic and wild place I’ve ever seen.

 If you wish to know more about this astonishing monument, click on the following link: http://www.ancient-wisdom.co.uk/englandmerrymaidens.htm