Every week a dragon tip!

stonehengeEvery week I will post an excerpt taken from my children’s novel “Il Sigillo del drago-The dragon seal”, and the monument that inspired me those pages.

 Today I talk about chapter 4 – The stones of Stonehenge.

 “«Granny playing drums during a sci-fi experiment? That deserves a photo!» said Anna, taking a picture. A dozen people scolded her. She hid in her coat, and enjoyed, a little frightened, the following events. As soon as the players were three, the rhythm became gloomier and frantic. A few minutes later, all those present perceived the echo, and clearly saw the flames of the torches twisting with the music.”

Anna and Matthew, the leading characters of the novel, are in Stonehenge, where they find the first clue of their archaeological treasure hunt. During the night, they take part in an odd experiment measuring the echo produced by the megaliths.

When I was writing the novel, one evening, by chance, I saw a documentary on TV that talked about a scientific experiment designed to verify the theory of peculiar echoes produced by the megaliths of Stonehenge. The results of the test struck me. It proved that the stones resounded with particular frequencies, the same produced by human brain. Then I decided to put this scientific discovery in the novel, turning it into a primitive party.

 This link speaks about a similar experiment.